Morningstar and Michael have been doing their healing work together and honing their skills

for decades. Michael is quite possibly the best body therapist in California. He creates a

deep healing connection with you through his hands and allows your needs to guide him in

his work. Morningstar is a gifted healer and intuitive and uses various energy modalities to

work on your emotional and mental body, and internal organs. The synergistic result is

something you can only understand from the experience of it.

Sacred Healing for Mind, Body, Spirit

Morningstar is a mystic. She has devoted her entire being to the Divine Presence for over 60 years.
The healing I have received and observed for others I can only describe as miraculous.
What seems the most pressing and all-consuming issues in my life become insignificant or are forgotten altogether
after I receive a session with Morningstar. Every time I am returned to my true self with clarity and focus.

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