‘Calling in The One’ Workshop

Calling in the One is the answer to your longing.

A workshop for those who are ready to be present in life as the person they know they truly are.

We all develop masks and behaviors that we use to feel safe, yet, do you feel as if there is a beautiful, authentic, YOU behind these masks and habits? Do you long to express this Essential You in more of your life?

In 2014 Morningstar was given a workshop from the Guidance that has been with her all of her life. They said that at this time there are many humans who have protected themselves by keeping their light dimmer than it needs to be. They said that many of these people are ready to share their light with the world safely and joyfully.

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The ultimate goal of Calling in the One is a spiritual healing journey to:

  • Release the false self with gratitude for getting you to where you are.
  • Understand who you are now.
  • Welcome the presence of your true self into your life.
  • To manifest your One True Self.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to break the bonds to your masks and habits giving you the freedom to choose if and when you will use them.
  • The signature of your Essential Self allowing you to recognize the calling from your core.
  • How good it feels to express from your deepest, clearest and most authentic self each and every day.

Join us for 2 days of experiential activities including:

  • mind-body exercises
  • writing exercises
  • sound healing including a waiata(song) channeled by Waireti, a Maori soundhealer
  • Meditation
  • EFT and other energy psychology techniques