The love of a new mother

Annie is the same age as my daughter.  Last summer her mother died.  When she showed me this picture, I felt the love radiating out from her mom.  I remember my heart cracking with love for each of my children.  I watched my daughter’s heart as she embraced her little ones. Perhaps my mother loved me like this and I never knew it.  It is sad to me that our children never know how totally loved they are.  Somehow that absolute deep connection gets lost Continue reading →


When Michael and I engage our healing skills, we see ourselves as entering into a collaborative partnership with our clients in order to create the change that our clients desire. As a key part of this collaborative partnership, we use a wide range of healing techniques based on the client’s specific needs.  Working with the client as a co-creator of each session, this partnership leads to a more powerful healing on all levels, and to the next step in the journey. One of the approaches to healing that Michael and I use Continue reading →