What We Do

Morningstar and Michael are extraordinary healers. For more than 40 years, Morningstar and Michael have used their unique gifts to help light the way for thousands of people. If you feel stuck, or if you need to make a change in your life, in your self, or in your body but are finding it difficult to make this change, there are no two people better suited to facilitate the transformation you’re looking for. Morningstar and Michael work in tandem. While Michael works on your body, Morningstar works with your mind and subtle aspects of your being.

Facing life’s everyday issues isn’t always easy. Peace, joy and compassion can be elusive, even in the best of times. The challenge is to stay on the path and in the moment, no matter how difficult life may become. Morningstar and Michael can help by showing you how to uncover the pearl of wisdom that lies buried within each experience. By honoring your true self in this way, a loving space for transformation is created in which quantum jumps can be experienced. In physics, a quantum jump is a term that describes a sudden, tremendous change. A particle is inside the nucleus one moment, and in the next, it is outside, rapidly circling the nucleus. With Morningstar and Michael, a similar process commonly occurs. For example, a client may arrive in one emotional or physical state (“I wanted to paint but haven’t painted in two years”) and leave in another (“I went home and immediately began to paint”). Morningstar and Michael are natural catalysts for making these quantum jumps possible in seemingly impossible situations.

According to Morningstar, “We don’t perceive ourselves as ‘doing’ anything. We enter into a partnership with our clients to create the change they desire. We don’t know exactly why people get these amazing results, only that they tell us over and over that they do.”


Meet Morningstar

Along with having a master’s degree from Stanford University, Morningstar is an internationally known psychic and transpersonal facilitator who balances her visions and inner guidance with numerous healing modalities. She helps people go deep within themselves to discover what they really want to do and guides them in the direction of doing whatever that is.

Morningstar’s masters degree in education from Stanford and her years of experience working with people in crisis give her the background to address many issues in a concrete, down-to-earth way. But it is her intuition, connection to spirit and profound ability to love that make this work transcendent.

Meet Michael

Michael formally began learning the intricate mechanisms of the body at the International School of Massage Therapy in San Francisco.  However he has had a healing touch his whole life. When his mother had pain in her neck and shoulders young Michael would help bring her relief. When he met Morningstar, she had a large uncomfortable bump at the top of her spine and Michael helped her to find comfort from the pain of her injuries. By the time Morningstar took Michael to meet her family the lump was gone.

He focuses his gentle, nurturing energy to heal body, mind, and spirit through massage, energy work, Te Oomai Reia and other techniques. He has apprenticed with master healers of many traditions, including Filipino and Maori, where he mastered the extraction of energies stuck in the body.  His intuitive work is deep, gentle and customized to the needs of each person.

To learn more about Papa Joe and Te Oomai Reia visit: http://www.isisscrolls.com/index2.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=905&pop=1&page=0&Itemid=85